The Left is Pushing for a $10 Trillion Down Payment on the Green New Deal

The Left is Pushing for a $10 Trillion Down Payment on the Green New Deal

( – As President Joe Biden announced his $3 trillion infrastructure plan that resembles more of a Green New Deal and social justice plan, the Left is pushing the president to go even farther on climate control measures. Climate control activists and leftist Democrats want a $1 trillion spending spree over 10 years that would radically transform America along idealistic lines. The over-the-top plan would cost more than 5 times the Democrat’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief package passed a few weeks ago.

It’s hard to imagine that people are talking so freely about spending a trillion dollars here and a trillion there. Anyway, the bill is called the Transform, Heal and Renew by Investing in a Vibrant Economy (THRIVE) Act, and it’s being referred to as a down payment on the Green New Deal. With razor-thin margins in the House and a divided Senate, it may be a difficult challenge for Democrats to pass the lofty legislation.

THRIVE Could Cause Headaches for Biden Agenda

While Democrats are trying to get their massive agendas through Congress, it could threaten to derail Biden’s infrastructure agenda. The president could be forced to add more to the infrastructure deal or agree to consider the far-Left’s legislation. Either way, the timing of the bill is likely not a coincidence. It’s meant to put pressure on the Biden administration by climate control radicals.

However, while radical environmentalists in Congress try to seize on a short window of opportunity, Democrats have a razor-thin margin in the House. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) can only afford to lose three votes. In the Senate, it’s even tighter margins for Democrats as they are deadlocked with Republicans.

All of that to say, moderate Democrats may start balking at the spending in Congress. Already, three moderates say they won’t support Biden’s tax-code ideas unless state and local tax write-offs are restored from the 2017 tax law passed by Republicans. At a minimum, moderates may try to whittle down some of the cost of THRIVE and claim a victory to protect themselves in the 2022 mid-term election. The issue could become highly contentious, especially in the US Senate.

What is THRIVE

In essence, THRIVE is the same environmental and social justice agenda as the Green New Deal. It just enjoys a different name. It seeks to eliminate zero-carbon electricity generation by 2035, new building emissions by 2025, and new clean public transit options by 2030. Interestingly, the bill doesn’t say how to phase out fossil fuels or what alternatives should be used.

It’s nothing more than an expensive mandate America can’t afford without a plan.

In addition, it also considers racial inequality. The bill forces the federal government to direct 40% of its investments to those who were “excluded, oppressed and harmed by racist unjust practices.”

Can THRIVE Pass in Congress?

To achieve their goal, one can forget bipartisanship. Biden’s Build Back Better agenda focuses heavily on climate change, and that is generally dead on arrival with the GOP. The good news for conservatives is that it’s likely not going to happen unless the Senate ends the filibuster and the 60 vote threshold that goes along with it.

If Democrats end the filibuster, they’ll wish they didn’t when the GOP gets control of Congress again in the future. What can be done can be undone, redone, and new conservative ideas can replace the Left’s bad policies.

What does it all mean? It means a lot of political drama for the moment. However, never assume something won’t happen because it doesn’t seem feasible at the moment.

Hang on tight, it’s getting interesting.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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