The Latest DNC Debate — The Bernie and Buttigieg Show

The Latest DNC Debate -- The Bernie and Buttigieg Show

( – There’s another DNC presidential debate to talk about. Again. While it is difficult to keep track of exactly how many have happened or what occurred during them, this debate was a little unique.

Not only did Andrew Yang make it back on the stage in New Hampshire after missing out on the last debate, but candidates (and moderators) also showed a change in tactics. This time, Pete Buttigieg was the one to dogpile, which has historically happened to Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT).

What’s more, every single candidate, aside from Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), stood in unity with Bernie on at least one issue.

What is happening???

Playing nice with Bernie always seemed to be political suicide because of his open identity as a Democratic Socialist. In fact, the first portion of the debate was all but dedicated to pinning that label onto Sanders and burning it into everyone’s mind while talking about healthcare policies.

Even still, it seems that after Sanders and Buttigieg virtually tied in Iowa with Sanders leading the popular vote, everyone’s starting to think that Sanders may just garner enough support to win the nomination.

While Sanders showed what might be his strongest debate performance yet, Buttigieg crumbled under the slightest amount of criticism about crime rates rising during his term as Mayor of South Bend, IN.

Bernie’s momentum can’t be ignored. Regardless, the GOP is prepared to deal with him through the rest of 2020.

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