The Big Easy Could Be in Big Trouble

The Big Easy Could Be in Big Trouble

( – Popular vacation spots and services are being hit hard by the coronavirus. The airline and cruise ship industries are suffering, though help is now on the way for them now that the $2 trillion stimulus bill has been signed by President Trump. Still, there are numerous tourist locations suffering, which drastically impacts the local economy.

New Orleans is one such tourist destination that’s in a lot of trouble, and it’s not just economics. The Big Easy could be the next epicenter of COVID-19. Medical experts, like former Obama-administration member Andy Slavitt, know the city is in real danger, yet are unsure of what needs to be done.

Governor John Bel Edwards said that, if his experts’ predictions are correct, New Orleans hospitals would struggle to cope with the growing number of cases beyond next week.

As of March 27, Louisiana has just over 2,700 COVID-19 cases and about 70% of them are in the New Orleans metro area. With festivals like the recent Mardi Gras and the number of visitors in the popular tourist city, it’s easy to see how New Orleans could be the next hotbed of coronavirus infections.

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