Texas Jury Overrules Father, Says Mother Can Transition Son to Female – But Judge Disagrees

Texas Jury Overrules Father, Says Mother Can Transition Son to Female - But Judge Disagrees

A jury in Dallas has argued that the mother of a seven-year-old boy can begin social and medical treatments to “transition” him into a “girl” — a process which will chemically castrate him — despite his father’s objections. The boy’s parents, who are divorced, disagree on whether or not the boy is even transgender at all, but the case raises much bigger questions than that. For example, we don’t believe young children when they tell us there’s a monster under the bed — so why should we believe them when they tell us they want irreversible, life-changing medical treatment? Luckily, the judge just turned down the mother’s bid for sole conservatorship.


A week-long custody hearing in Dallas took a bizarre turn Monday when the jury decided that Anne Georgulas has the right to turn her seven-year-old son James into a girl named Luna — even though the boy’s father disagrees.

  • Jeff Younger and Anne Georgulas married in 2010 and their twin sons, James and Jude, were conceived through in vitro fertilization and born in 2012. Later, the couple had their marriage annulled, leaving the boys — now aged seven — in the care of their mother, with Younger given limited rights and duties.
  • Now Georgulas has decided that James is actually a girl, and wants to “affirm” this “choice” by calling him Luna and sending him to school in a dress. Younger, unsurprisingly, disagrees.
  • Georgulas applied for a change to the existing custody deal that would force Younger to agree to her plan. Younger responded by filing his own request to become the sole conservator for the boys.
  • The key issue is that Georgulas, who is a pediatrician, wants to begin a “social transition” for James, changing his name and dressing him as a girl. She claims the boy is transgender, based on him choosing a girl’s toy at a store, liking female characters from Frozen and asking to wear a dress. However, a video has emerged of James telling his father that Georgulas had told him he was a girl.

  • Multiple witnesses say James is happy to act like a boy when he’s not around his mother. Damningly, they also say James is a happy boy — and real transgender people — who suffer from a mental illness known as gender dysphoria — are far from happy. In fact, anguish and distress are diagnostic criteria for the illness.
  • The jury recommended that Georgulas should have sole custody of the boys from now on and be allowed to begin James’ “transition.” The judge had an attack of sanity, though, and ordered that the joint conservatorship agreement should stay in place.
  • Now, Governor Greg Abbott has called for an urgent investigation by the Texas Attorney General and the Department of Family and Protective Services. A review of the case is likely to focus on preventing anything like this happening again.
  • Many in the medical and legal professions — plus millions of anxious parents — will be watching this case unfold. At stake is how we bring up our children, and if parents with an agenda — or just a mistaken belief — can seize on a child’s curiosity and use it as an excuse to start a gender transition.

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