Texas Gunman Neighbor: He Was a “Violent, Aggressive Person”

The shooting in Odessa and Midland last weekend opened yet another wound for Texans. This time, however, the warning signs were everywhere when it came to the shooter. People either didn’t intervene or enabled the shooter to kill innocent Americans.

Seth Aaron Ator, 36, would stay up at night taking shots at animals for fun. Those who met the man mentioned how unpleasant and impolite he was. His neighbor, Rocio Gutierrez, said that he was a “violent, aggressive person” and everyone knew it.

Ator had been attempting to purchase guns and he had no outstanding warrants at the time of the shootings. However, he was denied due to a failed federal background check as far back as 2014. Ator then turned to a private dealer who sold him the assault weapon used over the weekend.

This was a long time coming with the triggering moment being last Saturday morning when he was fired from his oil services job. The man was clearly troubled from the first day he took up his job.

Situational awareness is essential now with mass shootings on the rise. If we’re to prevent these shootings from taking place at all, then we need to keep an eye out for warning signs of troubled individuals. Liberals are so focused on gun control legislation that they’re overlooking the fact that this is a human problem, not a gun problem.

Stay aware and alert for the safety of your family and your country.

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