Texas Attorney General Investigating Hormone Blockers For Children

Texas Attorney General Investigating Hormone Blockers For Children

(RightWing.org) – The Lone Star State launched its “Don’t Mess with Texas” campaign to reduce littering on Texas highways in the late 1980s. Nearly 40 years later, that motto applies to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s efforts to push back on the use of potentially dangerous hormone blockers with under-aged children.

On Monday, December 13, Paxton’s office issued a press release announcing the launch of an investigation into the marketing efforts of two pharmaceutical companies that manufacture puberty blockers for children. According to the notice, AbbVie and Endo Pharmaceuticals allegedly promoted the use of hormone blockers in direct violation of the state’s Deceptive Trade Practices – Consumer Protection Act.

The companies reportedly advertised their products without detailing the potential dangers associated with their use. The pharmaceutical distributors also promoted the drugs for use beyond the ones lawfully granted by the US Food and Drug Administration.

As AG Paxton explained, underage children using hormone blockers is both “dangerous and reckless.” Continuing, he stressed the drugs in question were manufactured and approved for uses other than as puberty blockers, and the medications’ use could lead to irreversible side effects.

Paxton concluded his remarks with a warning, saying his office wouldn’t tolerate pharmaceutical companies taking advantage of Texas’ children. In other words, don’t mess with Texas children!

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Paxton’s position on hormone blockers’ use on children?

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