Texas AG Message Protects State’s Gun Owners

Texas AG Message Protects State's Gun Owners

(RightWing.org) – Joe Biden campaigned on a promise to put an end to gun violence in the country by targeting protections traditionally enjoyed by gun manufacturers and owners. On the third anniversary of the deadly Parkland high school shooting, he released a statement demanding Congress pass legislation banning assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, extending background checks, and other strict measures.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton pushed back against Biden’s statement in a scorching tweet posted on February 14.

Paxton pointed out, Democrats “cannot be allowed” to use tragedies like the Parkland shooting to pass “unconstitutional” and “unhelpful” laws. Defiant, he concluded his post by vowing to protect the Second Amendment — “Biden won’t undo” it in Texas “on my watch.”

As the many have pointed out, there’s no reason to think tougher gun laws would prevent mass shootings. Likewise, there’s no evidence that using an assault rifle instead of a handgun made that tragic event more likely or deadly, nor is there any reason to think extended background checks would stop mass shootings. Criminals by nature don’t have a problem breaking laws.

At the end of the day, Biden’s proposed gun measures would end up creating hurdles for “law-abiding” citizens wanting to purchase a firearm.

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