Texas AG Announces Voter Fraud Charges

Texas AG Announces Voter Fraud Charges

(RightWing.org) – Earlier this week, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton took another step toward ending voter fraud. Just four people in the lone star state were cited for 134 felony charges. A whopping 97 of those charges are against Marlena Jackson alone.

Just weeks ago, Paxton filed a lawsuit in another Texas county in an attempt to end voter fraud. That county was planning to send out more than 2 million mail-in applications, though the voters never requested them and had no reason not to vote in person.

The most recent charges were filed based on the 2018 election. Marlena Jackson, Charlie Burns, DeWayne Ward and Shannon Brown, the Gregg City commissioner, all face felony charges related to voter fraud. The purpose of the alleged scheme was to enroll people for mail-in ballots due to disabilities that did not exist. Many voters were unaware it even happened.

This type of fraud is exactly why President Trump is taking a stand for the security and integrity of the election process.

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