Teacher Charged for Serial Abuse of Child

Teacher Charged for Serial Abuse of Child

(RightWing.org) – A Vermont teacher has been arrested after allegedly assaulting a teenage girl. The 41-year-old is accused of assaulting the girl on multiple occasions over a period of weeks. He was only caught when his wife found incriminating social media messages.

On May 18, Jesse Waldenville of Lowell, Vermont, was arrested on sexual abuse charges. The next day he appeared remotely in court and pleaded not guilty to six charges related to multiple rapes of a 13-year-old girl — despite the fact he had already confessed to abusing her.

Prosecutors allege that Waldenville had assaulted the girl in several locations around Lowell Graded School, including in a classroom, on a school bus and on a picnic table. Orleans County State torrent Farzana Leyva says three of the four alleged assaults happened in the last three weeks. According to Vermont State Police, Waldenville was caught when his wife found messages between him and his victim on his Facebook account. He then confessed his crimes to the school and police. His attorney claims Waldenville’s confession shows he’s “asking for help.”

Waldenville was hired by Lowell Graded School as a substitute teacher in 2021; shortly thereafter, various red flags began to pop up. He regularly held “games nights” for students at his home; his alleged victim attended those until her parents stopped her from going. The parents say Waldenville used to drive past their house at night, which is suspicious behavior for a teacher.

However, nobody at the school had any suspicions that he may have been a sexual predator. North County schools superintendent Elaine Collins released a statement saying the district “took immediate action on hearing of those allegations,” — but Waldenville was able to abuse a young teen on school property for weeks before being found out. It seems public schools still aren’t doing enough to protect our children from perverts.

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