Swing States Are Suspiciously Trying To Change Voting Laws

Swing States Are Suspiciously Trying To Change Voting Laws

(RightWing.org) – In the aftermath of last November’s midterm elections, many Republicans are criticizing RNC chair Ronna McDaniel, saying the GOP needs to run a more professional organization to keep up with the slick Democrat machine. Now it looks like, in 2024, that sentiment is going to be even more true than ever. This year state legislatures will be debating a flood of new laws designed to rig elections in the left’s favor.

According to a new report by the Voting Rights Lab, a nonprofit that tracks election laws, legislators in eight states have pre-filed at least 100 new laws that affect the right to vote. Is it a coincidence that most of these laws are being proposed in key swing states that could decide the result of the 2024 presidential race?

In Minnesota, state election chief Steve Simon wants to give felons the right to vote as well as implement automatic voter registration, where people are automatically added to the voter roll when they apply for a driver’s license or other state-issued documents. Election experts warn that this system doesn’t ask voters to confirm their eligibility to cast a ballot. Pennsylvania — where a narrow Dem victory helped President Biden over the finish line — wants to allow officials to handle mail-in ballots before election day.

Michigan — another state where Biden only just scraped a win — has already approved a change to the state constitution that would guarantee nine days of early voting.

Republicans have their own wish list of electoral reforms. For example, many Georgia conservatives want the state’s runoff election system reformed or scrapped. However, the real push seems to be coming from blue states. If these bills make it into law, Republicans in key battlegrounds could see the rules stacked against them. That means effective RNC leadership is more important than ever.

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