Swing State Just Got Swingier

Swing State Just Got Swingier

(RightWing.org) – Many are so focused on COVID-19 that the 2020 election seems all but a distant dream. Although Joe Biden is a weak candidate, that hasn’t substantially changed what’s going on in most swing states. Battleground state voters could turn the tide, even if President Donald Trump is still slightly favored.

One of these swing states is a big deal: Georgia. The state’s swing status was foreshadowed as early as last year with some of its previous elections being neck and neck. For 2020, the votes for president and Senate nominees remain narrow.

A poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies has Biden at 47% support and Trump at 46%, though there’s a 4 point margin of error. As far as opinion goes, more voters said they’d “definitely” vote Trump over Biden at 43% to 39%.

One Senate seat race is between Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) at 43% with the Democratic front-running Jon Ossoff at 41%.

The other Senate seat was vacated by Johnny Isakson (R) and Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) was appointed to fill it. Currently, it’s a statistical tie between Loeffler (18%), Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) (19%), and Matt Lieberman (D) (17%).

There are also some local elections in key Georgia districts that could swing blue. As more progressives enter the race and demographic shifts have made, some areas lean more Democrat than Republican. In spite of how chaotic 2020 is panning out to be, it’ll be a close call for the elections all the way up until November.

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