Suspect Was Planning Mass Shooting — Stopped Just in Time

Suspect Was Planning Mass Shooting --- Stopped Just in Time

( – Nevada cops have averted a potential tragedy by arresting a wannabe mass shooter. A former US Marine had threatened to launch an attack on a mall and commit a mass killing and suicide. Now, he’s safely behind bars.

A Las Vegas TV station has revealed that on November 28, police arrested former US Marine Jeremy Schumacher after his ex-girlfriend warned he was planning a mass shooting. Schumacher allegedly threatened to attack the Fashion Show Mall, then kill himself. When cops searched his home, they found a semiautomatic rifle, a large cache of armor-piercing ammunition, and military pyrotechnics, including flash-bang grenades and smoke canisters.

According to gun violence campaigners, there have been 622 mass shootings — an incident where four or more people, not including the perpetrator, were shot — in the US between the start of the year and December 8. In total, 649 people were killed in these attacks and another 2,602 injured.

The Fashion Show Mall has almost two million square feet of retail space containing 249 stores and outlets, plus parking for 2,000 cars. If Schumacher had carried out his threat, dozens of people could have died. Fortunately, his ex-girlfriend intervened, notifying the police of his plans in time for them to act.

How many other atrocities could have been avoided if someone had realized a friend or relative was becoming dangerous and alerted authorities?

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