Susan Rice Named to White House Task Force

Susan Rice Named to White House Task Force

( – Susan Rice is no stranger to the halls of political power, she served under former President Barack Obama as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations (2009-2013) and as his National Security Advisor (2013-2017). She is one of the many from that administration who are now part of President Joe Biden’s team as Director of the Domestic Policy Council, a roster of people that has caused some Conservative pundits to label this presidency as “Obama 3.0.” Rice has now been tapped to lead the newly formed White House Steering Committee on Equity. Therefore, it is important to understand her and, perhaps more so, what “equity” aims to achieve.

Susan Rice Bio

According to OpenSecrets, Rice received her bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and then went on to achieve a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and a Ph.D. as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Her first foray into government work began under former President Bill Clinton, where she served in three different positions on the National Security Council (1993-1997) and then as an Assistant Secretary of State (1997-2001), she also held positions on both the Obama and Biden transition teams.

Rice’s background does not come without some controversy, however. Towards the end of Obama’s time in the Oval Office, her name was linked to the accusations of spying on then-President-elect Donald Trump.

The names of General Michael Flynn, then-Director of the FBI James Comey, and FBI agent Peter Strzok were all characters in the drama that unfolded before the American public. Multiple books have been written about the scandal, but suffice it to say that Rice’s involvement raised concerns among Conservative commentators.

Equity vs. Equality

The two words appear to be very similar if not even interchangeable. However, they are extremely different in real-world applications. Equality is something that Black Americans began fighting for in earnest in the 1950s and 60s, as can be seen in the words of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his immortal I Have a Dream speech, such as: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where… little Black boys and Black girls will be able to join hands with little White boys and White girls as sisters and brothers.”

Those are noble words and a noble attitude, and even the controversial affirmative action programs that were so prevalent in the 1970s and 80s had their roots in that spirit. However, equity is a horse of a different color, and Fox News host Greg Gutfeld put it very succinctly during a January 17 appearance on “The Five.”

Gutfeld’s opinion is that “one [equality] is about peace and the other [equity] is about war,” and that has now been enshrined in the official policy of the Biden administration through several executive orders (EO) he has signed. On May 26, 2021, Evan Gerstmann, who is a contributor to Forbes magazine and a professor who publishes on educational issues, wrote an article on the subject.

Gerstmann quotes a book he says is required reading in many schools by critical race theorist Ibam X. Kendi who wrote, “[t]he only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.” In other words, forget a level playing field, instead, rig it to exclude Whites simply because of their pale skin and the actions of their ancestors. He then provides three recent examples:

  • The Wellesley Public School district in Massachusetts excluded White students from “healing spaces” after a tragic school shooting.
  • Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot provided one-on-one interviews exclusively to Black and Latino reporters on the anniversary of her inauguration.
  • Pandemic relief funds were allocated for women and minorities (shortly after publication, this was struck down by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals).

Gerstmann asked his readers to try and envision the public reaction that would erupt if the reverse of these situations had been implemented. It would probably make the riots from the summer of 2020 look like the “peaceful protest” as some Democrats and Liberals tried to frame them.

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