Surprising Target – Unexpected Airstrike Reported!

Unexpected Airstrike Leads to Many Questions

Unexpected Airstrike Leads to Many Questions

( – A convoy moving fuel — and, according to rumors, weapons — from Iraq to Syria was hit by an airstrike on Tuesday, leaving at least ten people dead. So far, nobody’s claimed responsibility for the attack, but a liberal US newspaper is already blaming Israel.

Late on November 8, a convoy of around 15 fuel tankers, plus one unidentified container truck, crossed from Iraq into Syria near the Al-Qa’im border post. Shortly after it crossed the border, it was attacked by aircraft. Two tankers were destroyed, and around 10 people were killed. According to the Wall Street Journal, some of the dead were Iranians. That suggests the convoy’s ultimate destination was the terrorist group Hezbollah in Lebanon, which Iran has been supplying with fuel for over a year.

There’s no indication of who carried out the attack, although the Washington Post is reporting that “people familiar with the attack” saying Israel was responsible. Israel has carried out hundreds of strikes in Syria, mostly hitting Iran-linked targets; the Israeli Air Force is refusing to comment on the latest one. Meanwhile, Iranian state TV is blaming US drones.

While the source of the attack is a mystery, there are a couple of clues. Iran has been known to use the same convoy route to ship weapons to Hezbollah, and video of the convoy shows one unmarked semi-trailer among the tankers. Israel regularly tries to prevent weapons from reaching the terror group.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, a US citizen, Stephen Troell, was shot dead in Baghdad on Monday by unknown gunmen. Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani believes the shooting was aimed at discrediting his administration.

Did either Iraq or the US decide to hit back at a likely suspect? There are still more questions than answers at this point.

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