Surprise! Mayors Finally Admit Protest Truths

Surprise! Mayors Finally Admit the Obvious

( – After weeks of denial, mayors and city officials are finally starting to admit they were wrong. They are finally admitting that the ongoing protests and rioting linked to anarchists and the BLM movement are contributing to the second wave of COVID-19 cases now sweeping the country. The leaders of Los Angeles, Seattle and Miami-Dade have all acknowledged that mass gatherings are likely sources of infection.

LA’s Democrat Mayor, Eric Garcetti, said he’d talked to county health officials who had evidence the protests were spreading the disease. “We don’t believe everyone has been doing this safely,” he said.

Some cities are still in denial, however. NYC mayor Bill de Blasio’s deputy press secretary, Avery Cohen, told reporters there was no reason to believe the protests were causing infections. In late June, Cohen was calling on New Yorkers to “flood the streets” in support of Black Lives Matter.

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