Supreme Court’s Lineup of Conservative Issues

Supreme Court's Lineup of Conservative Issues

Supreme Court justices returned to work this week with a load of controversial items on the docket. Many of them are directly related to Conservative interests and you won’t want to miss out on the results.

We’ll surely cover the outcomes of these hearings. But, for now, here’s the current timeline and a brief overview of topics on the Supreme Court agenda.

LGBTQ Rights – Oct. 7

Concerning the rights of LGBTQ individuals in federal workplaces, the judges will determine whether or not claims of discrimination violate current legislation. LGBTQ activists believe that many are being mistreated on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation.

DACA – Nov. 12

Trump’s decision to slowly phase out Obama’s DACA legislation has stirred up many Dems. So, the Supreme Court will either rule in favor of injunctions imposed by the lower courts to allow DACA renewals, or to support Trump’s decision to scrap the program.

Second Amendment – Dec. 2

While there are many complaints about the Second Amendment among the Left, this particular item on the Supreme Court docket concerns a New York law involving handguns. NYC increased restrictions on the locations where licensed owners may take handguns that are unloaded and locked.

Abortion – TBD

Many attempts to overrule Roe v. Wade have popped up across the country. In particular, Louisiana’s law (which is currently on hold) would require doctors to obtain specific privileges at hospitals within a 30-minute drive from where an abortion was performed. Louisiana argues that this would increase the competence of physicians.

Religious Liberty – TBD

Religious liberty is always under attack in America, and this particular case centers around an event in Montana. In 2015, a state student aid program was passed which allows individuals to donate up to $150 towards scholarships, which could then fund scholarships in certain private schools. Shortly afterward, religiously affiliated private schools were barred from this program.

Keep checking back for updates to all of these cases as they make their way through Supreme Court hearings! Are there any particular cases you’re interested in? Let us know in the comments!

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