Supreme Court TOSSES OUT Pivotal Case!

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Constitutional Case

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Constitutional Case

( – The Supreme Court has refused to hear a case about whether a fetus has the legal authority to challenge state abortion laws. The original 2019 case was brought by two pregnant women on behalf of their unborn children.

On October 11, the US Supreme Court declined an appeal from the group Catholics for Life and two mothers after their case was defeated in the Rhode Island Supreme Court in May. The plaintiffs had brought the case on behalf of their then-unborn children, who, according to them, were being denied their constitutional rights by Rhode Island’s new abortion laws.

The case hinged on whether fetuses have the legal authority to challenge a law. Several courts, all the way up to the state Supreme Court, have now ruled that they don’t. Now the SCOTUS has effectively agreed by refusing to hear the latest appeal. This is consistent with the repeal of Roe v Wade earlier this year when conservative Justice Samuel Alito said the court wasn’t taking a position on whether the unborn have rights.

A spokesman for Rhode Island Governor Daniel McKee (D) praised the Justices’ decision, calling the appeal “frivolous” and insisting that the governor will veto any law that “would take our state backwards [sic].”

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