Supreme Court to Hear Election Disputes

Supreme Court to Hear Election Disputes

( – In some states, voters have just begun casting early ballots in the presidential election. As of Friday, October 2, the Supreme Court has already agreed to hear one case, with more expected in the coming days. In Arizona, the court agreed to hear a case about election laws that reject votes cast in the wrong precinct and family members or caregivers who turn in mail ballots at the voter’s request.

The court is also weighing hearing arguments in Pennsylvania and South Carolina as hundreds of cases make their way through lower courts. Already, it may be the most litigated election in US history. The disputes range from witnesses being present when completing an absentee ballot to when mail-in ballots are due.

The Republican National Committee has provided $20 million to fight back against Democrats who are making it easier to vote. At the same time, their efforts are opening the door wide to potential voter fraud on a massive scale.

The Arizona case isn’t likely to be decided before the November 3 election. It’s not clear what a decision’s impact could be on the election as a result.

Stay tuned. We’ll keep you up to date on election litigation as it happens.

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