Supreme Court to Decide on Biden’s Mandate in Early January, Date Set

Supreme Court to Decide on Biden's Mandate in Early January, Date Set

( – The Biden administration announced the creation of two significant vaccination policies in November. The first directs companies with 100 or more workers to have fully vaccinated employees or require weekly COVID-19 testing. The second policy requires vaccination for healthcare workers at facilities funded by Medicaid or Medicare. However, the US Supreme Court recently agreed to fast-track lawsuits regarding both mandates.

On Wednesday, December 22, the Supreme Court announced it scheduled one hour of oral arguments for the two challenges to the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates on January 7, 2022. Several Republican-led states, businesses, religious groups, and other interested parties filed legal challenges to the measures.

In November, the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals put a temporary halt to the mandates, but the 6th US Circuit consolidated the challenges and reinstated the programs in early December.

Challengers quickly filed more than a dozen requests asking the Supreme Court to block the 6th Circuit Court’s ruling. SCOTUS declined the request, but administration officials said they wouldn’t issue citations for non-compliance until January 10 at the earliest.

Legal experts remain divided regarding the future of the mandates. Although the Supreme Court has upheld several state-level vaccination requirements, SCOTUS has precedence to rule against the Biden administration.

Law professor and Supreme Court expert Tim Johnson pointed to the court’s recent decision blocking President Joe Biden’s executive order extending the nationwide eviction moratorium as a possible indicator of the court’s thinking on federal directives.

We’ll keep you updated as the case progresses through the court.

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