Supreme Court Takes on Trump’s Taxes

Supreme Court Takes on Trump's Taxes

As if it didn’t already have a full docket, the Supreme Court just got a lot busier going into 2020.

The court’s caseload already included hearings involving LGBT rights in the workplace, abortion issues and cases involving illegal immigrants just to name a few. Now, the Supreme Court has picked up a series of three cases regarding President Trump’s tax returns. Specifically, half of the country wants to forcibly unveil his personal and professional financial records.

What do these three cases have to do with Trump’s taxes?

  • One is a probe into Trump’s accounting firms
  • TEST
  • Another wants to uncover records from the Deutsche Bank
  • The last case is in regards to his dealings with Capital One bank

These cases will be heard in March 2020, which means that a decision would likely be made in June.

Where Does the Supreme Court Stand?

The answer to this question is a little more nuanced than one might expect.


Currently, our Supreme Court is deeply divided. Five of the Supreme Court justices are Republican-appointed conservatives, while the other four are Democrat-appointed liberals. This clash of ideologies makes for some heated discussions and controversial decisions.

On one hand, it’s reasonable to expect that the conservative judges would side with Trump. Not only do they uphold the law of the land, but Trump has adamantly declared that these probes into his personal finances are uncalled for. The long and grueling battle liberals have fought to get to this point should prove that.

However, the lower court judges claim to have justified their decisions by grounding them in Supreme Court precedent that dates back decades. This precedent would allow a president to be sued or subpoenaed and any attempt to reverse this sentiment might be unexpected. What they choose to do remains to be seen.

Tying It to Impeachment

On the flip side, at least four of the Supreme Court justices think that Trump’s claim that acting presidents should be protected from state investigation is justified. Additionally, this assertion would, broadly speaking, protect Trump from congressional oversight.


Furthermore, any rulings on these cases would be done well after any of the impeachment proceedings had ended. Democrats desperately wanted to use Trump’s financial records against him during the impeachment. Unfortunately for them, that’s now off the table, especially given their hastiness to try and force Trump out of office.

So, while this ruling won’t come for another few months, Democrats have one less piece of “evidence” to manipulate against Trump.

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  1. Democrats only want Trump’s tax returns so they can find out people or businesses that have dealt Trump, so democrats can harass, intimidate and terrorize them.

  2. The democrats only want his tax returns so they can find out who he has done business, so democrats can intimidate and terrorize everyone or business that is dealing with or has dealt with Trump. Remember Louise lynch and the shady deals

  3. If the IRS had any suspicions of our President had anything illegal in his returns, the entire group of rats 🐀 would be out in force. The only reason democrats want his returns is to find out who Trump did business with so democrats can terrorize and harass them for association with Trump.

  4. It cannot happen soon enough for our President and our country. So what is holding up the process to get these people out of office and in a court of real justice to put the out office and in jail for lies.

  5. SO NOW, THE FILTHY DEMS ARE HOLDING THE RESULTS OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES IMPEACHMENT TILL THEY HEAR THE RESULTS OF TRUMP’S TAX RETURNS. IS THERE A LAW THAT SAYS HE HAS TO TURN OVER HIS TAX RETURNS. IS IT A LAW THAT PRESIDENTS HAVE TO TURN THEM OVER? So why does he have to? They shouldn’t have to turn over his bank revcords, either. Theese DEMs are corrupt. And to have them in office would destroy our country. They have become evil and will continue to impeach the President. over and over until he either leaves or cant run any more. The DEmocrats rank right up there with the Socialists or/and Communists. Vote them all out of office.

    • It cannot happen soon enough for our President and our country. So what is holding up the process to get these people out of office and in a court of real justice to put the out office and in jail for lies.

  6. the IRS has someone on the dons staff looking over his returns 24/7 because of the obscene amount of money involved. in addition to that he gets AUDITED every single year . . . with all the LEAKS and WHISTLE BLOWERS I an sure these criminals have already seen them in one ILLEGAL way or another . for WHAT reason would CORRUPT democrats want to see his returns ? I seriously doubt any setting dum’o’crat does their own taxes so by those FACTS alone they are disqualified from looking at them by their own ignorance I’d say the only people qualified have already looked at them . . . the I.R.S. in fact it was ‘o’S IRS that was looking just as hard as they could and reporting to their messiah and ‘o’ SAID NOTHING. . .
    has anyone checked into the clinton foundation or how ‘o’ came out 25 million ahead on a 400,000 a year salary or all that insider trading congressional democrats have done ?

    • The American people don’t want to see the tax returns of a president that went into office a billionaire, but we do want to see the tax returns of all the corrupt demorats that have become millionaires while in public office, who are supposed to be serving us, the American people. The are nothing but parasites, serving themselves.

  7. totally agree
    he submitted the required financial disclosures when he officially announced he was going to run for President.
    Going forward…. if Tax returns are required prior to his running for re-election
    I think the most recent 2 years would be sufficient!!!!

  8. this impeachment bull shit is all a rouse for somthing else like taking away gun rights , they are playing with the contstitution and the dems have violated the constitution, but I guess thats ok if they do it but if I did it , I would have holy hell to pay ,, wouldnt i

  9. I think they should keep their hands out of his business. It’s got nothing to do with their witch hunt. The poor man has been harrassed ever since he got in office.

  10. Besides in order to become the Prez Trump’s already had a deep search done on his taxes by the IRS.


    • Chris, you are a moron. He has already showed his tax returns, when he announced he was running. Why don’t you want to see the returns of the demorats who have become multimillionaires on their salaries while they are supposed to be serving us, the American people? No, he is not above the law, but he sure as hell needs to be protected by the law. He made his money before he became President, not off you and me as taxpayers, like those parasite, career, scum, democrats have. I am a former Democrat who opened my eyes a long time ago, to their dirty, evil games. Give me a break! Trump is only trying to save our country and give it back to us, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Only morons can’t see that!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The Democrats will rue the day they adopted these radical positions; they already have to a serious extent when you consider Harry Reed’s nuclear option on Senate confirmations. Trump and McConnell stacking the Federal Bench will to a large degree protect the Constitution from the leftist radicals.

  13. If I were trump I would agree to show my tax records if Pelosi , Waters, Nadler and Schiff showed theirs I guarantee they are not saints but minions. I am so tired of liars and leakers coming out with speech of being pure at heart. This country has in the last 45 years made it illegal to discipline our children in home and at school, the corrective course of action that brought on was building more prisons. I grew up a family of blue dog democrats but the dems of today are ridiculous and illegitimate not like they use to be. I would sure hope and pray to live long enough to see our country heal and return to no matter what political org you claim you could still be honest, respectable and willing to help those who struggle with a hand up not a hand put!

  14. The truth be known some of the Democrats have this information, remember what Lois Lerner did to conservatives? They want it out so they can publish it and spy on Trump like they did other Conservatives. If they show it without going this route it will prove The Democrats are still controlling and spying on Republicans in the IRS like they did with Lerner. For all you folks with the brain to research and put two and two together you can tell just how close the Democrats are trying to take over America and give us a dictator. Trump is upsetting the apple cart. The Democrats control the IRS,FBI and probably the CIA so wake up America.

  15. Why doesnt the American public get a vote as to impeachment. Why did a handful of idiots have the right to remove the man WE voted in. We must look like fools to the rest of the world…most of them enemies due to the actions of “politians” such as Nancy Pelosi. I hope the devilbrips her to shreds when she arrives in Hell where she came from & belongs.

  16. Nancy Pelosi & her team of demons made my vote worthless. The next time i vote will be to move her out of office. That will be the LAST time i cast my apparently worthless vote.

  17. Shame on our governmental processesses that would even allow this. This man has done more for America than any President since Kennedy. The others have just been a buncha criminals. There should be riots in the streets.

  18. What a travesty. Makes me ashamed to be an American. All for some selfish ” B” who has seemingly more power …& MONEY..than God. Shame on the American people for allowing this injustice.

  19. There is to my thinking NO legal basis for examining Mr Trumps taxes. That is the job of both the State in which he files and of course the IRS. Perhaps the President should have the appropriate Department examine CLOSELY the returns of those who are behind this? Just how loudly would they scream; how many would be in trouble?

  20. I always thought the law was every President was required to share this info, no?? Why should he be different if he’s nothing to hide? Just wondering.
    I feel each person should vote his own conscience and do what is right. Am I wrong?

  21. If that’s the case then every Senator,Congressman and Representative should have to do the same thing. What’s fare for one should be fare for all. This goes for anyone holding a public office as well. They want it, let it be the law of the land.

  22. If the court releases the Presidents Financials, It should rule that all Congress, Senate Presidents, Vice Presidents would have to release theirs. Look how many have cheated on the American people to fill their pockets.

    • His Tax returns are not needed to run for President non of our business.And not open to the criminal Democrats

    • I don’t give a good god damn about Trumps Tax Returns. All I care about is how he is running the country. Right now he is doing a damn good job. It is nobodies business what’s in his returns. If the the democratic appointees to the supreme court vote to allow his tax returns to be viewed by the public then they should automatically turn over their returns for the period not only while they have been serving but for the 10 years prior to their appointment. Also, every member of the legislature should be required to do the same. We will then see how many were struggling like the rest of us before they got elected. Be interesting to see how long it took some to become millionaires.

  23. We need to shutdown all bias media if they lie to the people of this country they need to pull their license to broadcast.Amen

  24. It is not any buddies business about President Trump’s taxes we did not vote him in there because of what his lifestyle was or anything like that we voted him in there to clean the swamp and that’s what we want him to do as American Patriots

  25. How would these Democrats feel if they had to produce their tax returns. So many people have become millionaires while serving in office. Looks fishy to me.

  26. Contrary to popular libtard mentality… there is NO law that forces or compels President Trump to disclose his taxes…especially for the 10 years BACK before he even said he was a candidate!!… The Libtard brigade is seriously brain dead.. and NOW Pelosi is threatening to keep from bringing articles voted on to the senate pending a “Fair Trial” negotiation with Chuckie Schumer!!.. WHAT Freaking Joke… “FAIR” maybe they should have thought a lil further up the road than they did.. did they REALLY think they could get away with a solely PARTISAN vote for impeachment and expect the Right to bow down to their demands.. they did NOT allow our president to have witnesses or questions.. their “invitation was a Freakin JOKE… I am tryin to NOT swear.. as I do not wanna give the snow flakes on the left a reason to bitch or call me uncouth… FAIR!! FREAKIN REALLY WHAT was even remotely FAIR about their bullshit impeachment.. there was NOTHIN fair at all about it.. the lefties wouldn’t even let the republican minority call witnesses.. the witnesses that were questioned in the “sciff” were told to NOT answer republican questions.. We on the right were not able to bring forth the original accuser.. the “Whistle Blower” what Farce that was.. these IDIOTS have been tryin to get our presidents tax returns since Before he was even inaugurated…. The party line SPEW was that other candidates had let their tax returns be made public.. doubting Hitlary had to go through this bullshit… As PRESIDENT TRUMP said.. there were Plenty of people on that call with the Ukraine both on their side and ours.. why would the President do somethin so freakin stupid as to “Demand” from Ukraine any kind of shenannagins… what a Freakin Joke.. someone needs to tie their asses to a dock somewhere and wait for the BIG one to hit.. that would take out the idiots on the coast .. the Right needs to start shoring up supplies.. bc shit is about to hit the fan!.. ALL of this is BEYOND Rediculous!!! Just because the left gave up all their personal shit.. taxes included doesn’t mean Trump has to.. as I said at the beginning of this.. there is NO law requiring it..and just because some idiot wants to jump off the bridge, does that mean Trump is gonna too..I Think NOT!

  27. He’s a businessman, not a professional politician which is why he was our choice over an entrenched political hack. President Trump’s tax returns will look extremely “weird” to all of us who do not operate in the same world as he does…the numbers will be so huge as to be meaningless to most of us.

    However, the tax returns of ALL professional politicians must be open to scrutiny to all of us who are paying their salaries/footing their bills, figuratively and literally. Let’s see theirs, too, that we cacluate whether or not they work for “we the people” or are behohlden’ to those who donate huge amounts of $$ to their campaigns for election/re-election. “Pay to play” is big business in DC. To paraphrase a bit, “Politician without sin…cast the first tax return”.

  28. I totally agree. The dems need to cooperate and move forward on Trumps agenda. Stop trying to sabotage all the good he is doing. The dems actions are an embarrassment.

  29. There main goal is to find out who Mr Trump does business with so to discredit them and to financial bankrupt him when he gets out of office. They hate him that much for bringing to light our dark governments theft of taxpayers money.

  30. Funny President Trump made his fortune before he came to office unlike most of Congress an house (both parties)didn’t make their millions until after arriving in washington…so whose tax returns do the people want to see

  31. The Democratic party is a hot bed of corruption and double standards as witnessed by the secret one sided impeachment debacle. And now they are holding back on the senate asking for a fair trial so they can dictate their agenda to remove a good president.

  32. Dems don’t want to do the business of the government, they just want to keep President Trump a hard time. They don’t care about our country other then turn into a socialist country (third world country.) They are a bunch of evil people.

  33. It’s just more obstructionist from the dems. Someone needs to tell them to pound sand & move on. This nation is getting tired of all this whining,treasonous actions,& selective interpretation of the constitution. Vote the bastards out.

  34. I’m in total agreement that it’s none of any of the Democrats business what Donald Trump’s financial status is or was!

  35. If our President has to reveal his taxes, then every Democrat (especially, the ones asking for President Trumps) should have to reveal theirs. How much money do they have. I am a tax payer and definitely do not like the way Democrat’s are spending our money.

  36. I agree the just want to dig they know the crap they just impeached our President with is garbage, a joke, they think us Americans are to stupid to figure out what they democraps are up to. My guess is if Hillary would have got elected we would now be living in a socialist America and it won’t be home of the free any longer by President Trump being elected was not supposed to happen.just a theory of mine.

  37. What the Democrats are doing is repulsive. They were not sent to Congress to impeach a president. Their abuse of power was nothing more than pandering to their base and fund raising at the tax payers expense. The Democrats need to be expelled for this disgusting stunt. The articles don’t even include a crime. If this is their best work they are a huge embarrassment. The American people deserve a lot better than this.


  39. I side with Trump on this matter. The impeachment hearings showed that the Leftist long line of witnesses were based upon hearsay, feelings, and presumptions. The only material witness when questioned upon fact actually factually supported Trump. The allowance of this precedent is only an act that will support what these politicians will do in the context of a much larger picture which is to weaponize baseless invasion of privacy not only upon opposing politicians, but on the general populace as a whole. Study information to twist it in some fashion to support whatever arguments against people that they want and eliminate all opposing views. This is one step closer to tyrannical government that imposes on any and perhaps every aspect of an individual’s life.

  40. Personally I don’t think it’s anyone’s Business what President Trumps Taxes are especially since he made that Money way before he ran for President. I say let anyone who demands his Taxes Show theirs since they all earned way more money while serving in Office then they should have on a lawmakers Salary! Besides it’s NOT a requirement to be President they’re just Jealous he’s admired by more then Half of the American Citizens!!! TRUMP 2020!

  41. Democrats want to leave Trump & his family wide open on their business dealings. Trump, his family, & their businesses pay taxes. Democrats & never-Trumpers need to get off their backs.

  42. If President Trump must disclose his tax returns, so must, shiff, pelosi, and schumer,
    as well as biden. Bring it on!!!

  43. It doesn’t matter what his financial status is no One need that information. For him to be president.

  44. Trump should have a 3rd term since his 1st term was harrassment on a daily basis. The democrats in congress should be deported to gitmo as lying corrupt enemy combatants of the US government.

  45. Trump’s claim to be the most transparent president is laughable. He is the least transparent and his reluctance to show his taxes shows he has something to hide.

    • Lawrence, I bet you loved that FRAUD, obozo, what did he have to hide, that he had all his records sealed? I still can’t get over the fact that there are that many stupid people in this country, that they would put him in office, not knowing one thing about his background. He was an enemy to this country, read his dam books, he hated us and our country, only wanted to destroy us, like most Muslims do!!

    • I agree. If they want Trump’s financial records then they should be required to unseal that jerk nobody Obama’s records as well.

    • Meanwhile,Tom,we must carry on the fight against evil. Unfortunately Lucifer was given this world, although temporary, and he has been racking up souls that rightfully belongs to the Father. We must continue to pray for God’s intersession. Remember Satan took Jesus out into the wilderness and told Jesus I will give you all that you can see if you will only now down to me. We know where that went when Jesus told Satan to depart from me ye worker of evil. God continues to stand at your door knocking to be let in and sup with him. We must continue to pray for our list souls that gave been elected to govern our land. President Trump is a new child of the Father and needs our prayers.
      Evil lurks in the halls of our government we must Pray for all who work there.

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