Supreme Court Officially Decides That Rhode Island Can Lower Standards for Mail-In Voting – Despite Republican Party Challenges

Supreme Court Officially Decides That Rhode Island Can Lower Standards for Mail In Voting - Despite Republican Party’s Challenges

( – Democrats have just taken another step toward their agenda of flooding America with mail-in voting ballots ahead of the 2020 election.

According to the Supreme Court’s official website, the justices issued a ruling allowing Rhode Island to lower vote-by-mail guidelines ahead of the presidential election. The high court has blocked the GOP’s attempts to secure the vote. The Republican Party believes it’s going to cause chaos in November. 

Supreme Court Decides

On August 13, the justices handed down the order allowing Democratic officials to make it easier for residents to vote by mail. Citizens will no longer have to fill their ballots out in front of a notary or two witnesses.

Republicans had asked the court to block the new rules on August 10. The party said the rule change is happening too close to an election and fears it’s going to cause chaos. The justices, except Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, disagreed with the GOP.

The Rhode Island Republican Party released a statement expressing disappointment with the 6-3 ruling. They said it will “create more, not less confusion.” With the presidential election right around the corner, any change this close is likely to cause problems — but, maybe that’s the point.

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