Supreme Court Commission Disappoints Democrats

Supreme Court Commission Disappoints Democrats

( – In Washington, DC, commissions are typically created to pacify partisan interests and kill bad ideas. Last fall, Democrats whined that the 6-3 Conservative-led court majority was a threat to America. The truth is that the court is a rightful threat to the Left’s agenda, which seeks to redefine the Constitution and force the nation into its image.

In April, President Joe Biden created a bipartisan 36-member Supreme Court reform commission to study the court and make recommendations regarding packing the court, term limits for justices, federal judges, and other reform ideas. On Tuesday, July 20, the Supreme Court commission met for a third time to hear testimony from legal experts. If the hearing indicated where the recommendation for court reforms could be heading, Democrats might be very disappointed.

Court Packing Not Favorable

Right out of the gate, the commission began hearing views on court-packing by lawyers who argue before the Supreme Court. Practicing attorney Kenneth Geller and former deputy solicitor general, current appellate lawyer, and co-chair of the Supreme Court Practitioners’ Committee Maureen Mahoney pointed out that most of the proposed reforms to the court were not necessary. They stated with great clarity that if Democrats tried to pack the court, it would create more problems than solutions and be subject to a constitutional challenge.

Representing attorneys who argue before the high court, Mahoney added that the lawyers she represents oppose increasing the size of the Supreme Court. She stated that adding more justices would make cases more difficult to argue, deliberations more complex, and the court’s opinions would likely create confusion and be less clear.

The major challenge for Biden’s Supreme Court commission is that the commission lacks the authority or means to set policy. The commission co-chair and professor of Yale Law School, Cristina Rodriguez, reminded the public that the panel is tasked with offering an analysis of the political arguments driving the current political atmosphere around the Supreme Court.

Good News for Democrats?

Polls show that most Americans don’t support packing the court, and the commission is sapping any momentum the Left created early this year. A culture fight around the Supreme Court isn’t exactly beneficial to Democrats as America prepares for the 2022 midterm elections. They are already in enough hot water with voters as Democrats struggle to shake the defund the police narrative and push their socialist legislative agenda. Coupled with massive government spending proposals in the trillions of dollars and spiking inflation, they could be in serious trouble by November 2022.

The reality is that court-packing was never going to happen anytime soon. There aren’t enough votes in an evenly divided Senate to support adding more justices to the Supreme Court. All the Left did was give GOP candidates more ammunition to pick off moderate Democratic candidates as they work overtime to take back the House in the next election.

If the commission’s analysis supports ending the debate around court-packing, Democrats should thank Biden for sparing them on this contentious and unnecessary political distraction.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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