Supreme Court Chides Lower Court Over Absentee Ballot Change

Supreme Court Chides Lower Court Over Absentee Ballot Change

( – It’s okay to go to stores and shop with hundreds of people and stand in long lines at the store. However, Democrats and some politicians believe people can’t vote because they’ll get COVID-19 and die. The logic defies common sense. Thankfully, the Supreme Court is helping to straighten out some of the twisted logic.

On Monday, October 5, the US Supreme Court ruled in a South Carolina case with some national importance.

In South Carolina, the law requires a witness signature on an absentee ballot. Democrats attempted to use the courts to get the signature requirement suspended, saying people could get sick and therefore it was an undue burden. Republicans countered that it deterred voter fraud. The lower court sided with the Democrats but the Supreme Court sided with the Republicans and the requirement stands.

Speaking for the court, Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote that federal courts don’t get involved in changing election rules so close to an election. He also said the courts aren’t the place to second guess election rules as they lack the expertise and competence to assess public health during COVID-19. He also affirmed that the elected legislatures are accountable to the people, and that’s where change should occur, not with the courts.

Other cases are making their way up the courts and may find the same fate based on the Supreme Court ruling.

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