Supreme Court Blocks Request to Delay Construction on Border Wall – Sides With Trump

Supreme Court Blocks Request to Delay Construction on Border Wall - Sides With Trump

( – It seems Liberals will go to any lengths to stop President Trump protecting this country. Yet another left-wing coalition has just tried to stop construction of the wall the president promised us before his election – and, as always, they’ve failed. This time they made it all the way to the Supreme Court before the hammer fell, which just makes the blow even heavier.

According to a new report by Fox News, the Supreme Court just made a historic decision to side in favor of President Donald Trump’s border wall by BLOCKING a Democrat-led effort to have the construction of the wall delayed. An ACLU group called the “National Security Project” tried to block Trump’s wall because they claimed it endangered wild wolves.

Outrageous Claims Continue

The latest left-wing attempt to halt work on the border security wall fell apart last Friday, as the US Supreme Court dismissed claims that the authority for the barrier is unconstitutional. Arguments against the wall are getting more bizarre each time, suggesting the Left is running out of sensible objections.

On July 22, the Sierra Club, leading a coalition that included the ACLU and other groups, won a victory in a federal appeals court that prevented the administration from using military funds for the border-security barrier. This decision was reviewed by the Supreme Court on Friday.

The plaintiffs argued the border wall funding wasn’t properly authorized because the money was “appropriated for other purposes” – namely, national security – and shouldn’t be used for building a wall intended to protect the security of the nation.

On June 26, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed the transfers hadn’t been authorized. While the court didn’t order construction to stop, that would’ve been the final result if funding dried up. In the meantime, the case was passed to the Supreme Court to rule on a stop order.

Court Rules in Favor of Trump

However, the Supreme Court voted, in a partisan 5-4 judgment, to deny the request. The four liberal justices dissented from the decision.

This is the second time, in as many months, the Supreme Court has intervened to protect the wall. On June 29, it refused to hear an appeal by environmental groups who said the wall had been authorized without a proper environmental impact assessment and argued that it could interfere with the movement of protected animals.

President Trump toured the wall in late June to mark the construction of 200 miles of the security barrier. “Our border has never been more secure,” he said. Illegal immigration into the US is down 84% on the same time last year, so it looks like the president’s plan is already working.

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