Supreme Court Approval Rating at All Time High After Trump Nominations

Supreme Court Approval Rating at All Time High After Trump Nominations

( – Democrats tried to sabotage Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. They even tried to block Neil Gorsuch.

Not only did they fail in their efforts to stop President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court (SCOTUS) nominees, but according to The Hill, new poll numbers confirm the high court’s approval rating has skyrocketed. The latest news further proves Trump’s nominations to the court are a success. 

Supreme Court Approval Rating at All Time High

According to a survey by Gallup, 58% of the American people believe the SCOTUS is doing a good job. The approval rating is the highest it’s been since former President Barack Obama nominated Justice Sonya Sotomayor to the court in 2009.

The approval rating comes after one of the most consequential terms in the history of the court. Justices ruled on a number of issues including religious freedom, abortion, the president’s tax returns and the border wall. Court experts are crediting Chief Justice John Roberts with steering the court in the right direction. Others claim he chose cases based on politics, not the law.

This was the first term with both of Presiden’t Trump nominees on the court, and right after the Left tried to drag Justice Kavanaugh through the mud. One thing is clear after this year, the president has done a great job of balancing the court. Both the Left and the Right weren’t entirely happy with the rulings this year, which means the justices are not allowing partisan politics to impact their decisions.

That’s what the Founding Fathers envisioned and we have Trump to thank for it.

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