Support for Donald Trump Surges

Support for Donald Trump Surges

( – Former President Donald Trump departed the White House for his Mar-a-Lago residence nearly nine months ago. However, his popularity continues rising despite his move back to a more private life, as evidenced by recent polling figures.

On Wednesday, October 6, Pew Research Center released its latest numbers on the former president. As expected, roughly two-thirds of Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents polled wanted Trump to continue engaging in politics on a significant level for the next several years. Moreover, a whopping 44% said they wanted him to run for a second White House term during the 2024 presidential election.

Contrasting those opinions, 22% of the Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents said they wanted Trump to remain a significant political figure, but they preferred he use his influence to support another presidential candidate who shared his political views. Despite his popularity, 32% of individuals said they didn’t think Trump should remain a major figure in American politics.

The percentage of Republicans who said they wanted Trump to remain an important political figure increased by 10 percentage points since January. The views of Democrats and Democratic-leaning adults remained relatively unchanged the last 9 months, with 92% saying he shouldn’t stay involved in politics.

Pew Research Center conducted its poll by surveying 10,371 US adults from September 13 to 19. It structured the poll to reflect the makeup of the US adult population according to education, ethnicity, gender, party affiliation, and a variety of other demographic factors.

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