Suicide Note Found During Police Search

Suicide Note Found During Police Search

( – Police investigating alleged trans mass murderer Audrey Hale say they’ve found a suicide note. The document was among the evidence recovered from the killer’s home. It’s now clear Hale had been planning the atrocity for months.

On April 4, police in Nashville reported that they had searched the 28-year-old’s home and seized 47 items as evidence. They include two shotguns, cellphones and laptops, as well as a mass of documents. Officers found three folders and 19 journals, which contained information on firearms courses and previous school shootings. Along with this material, which showed this was a carefully planned attack, they found a suicide note. However, so far, they aren’t revealing what the note says.

Hale had been getting treatment for an “emotional disorder” but was still able to legally buy seven guns in the leadup to her attack. Her family didn’t know about the guns, which she hid around the house. Hale used two rifles and a handgun to commit six murders; her victims included three nine-year-old children. Minutes before shooting her way into the school, Hale messaged a friend to say she was going to die that day; the friend contacted a suicide prevention hotline — but Hale had a much deadlier plan in mind.

Nashville police have been praised for their swift response to Hale’s assault on The Covenant School. Around 15 minutes after she entered the building and began her murderous rampage, police tracked her down and shot her dead. Hero cop Rex Engelbert, who took down the killer along with colleague Michael Collazo, told reporters he wasn’t even supposed to be in the area. Saying, “You can call it fate, or God, or whatever you want,” Engelbert said there were numerous “irregularities” that put him near the school when the first reports came in. Luckily, he was there — and his decisive action helped save many more lives.

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