Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan Leaves at Least 20 Dead

Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan Leaves at Least 20 Dead

A Taliban suicide bomber drove a truck into a hospital in southern Afghanistan this week. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack that left over 20 dead and more than 90 injured. This act of terror is just one of the Taliban’s near-daily attacks on the region since peace talks fell apart with the US.

The US has also recently struck back against terrorist organizations in the region. One result of our military’s hunt for ISIS strongholds was a strike in the Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan that killed 16 and left a few dozen more wounded. This attack, which may have affected non-combatants, happened just hours before the Taliban’s suicide bombing.

Normally, we would focus on the geopolitical implications of this story and what the future may hold for the world. However, it’s also important to step back and remember the lives of innocent civilians affected by the horrors of war and conflict. It’s easy to forget what daily life is life for those caught in the middle of the firefight.

This collection of personal stories is tragic and heartbreaking. Still, the victims of war deserve just as much remembrance as the soldiers fighting the war.

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