“Storm Area 51” Turns Into Costume Party

In what could have turned into an extremely dangerous gathering with countless arrests, the “Storm Area 51” movement mutated into a harmless costume party.

Over 2 million people signed up for the “Storms Area 51” event on Facebook with another 1.5 million who flagged themselves as “interested.” This led to a minor panic among government officials who advised against attempting to enter the facility. The “stormers” would have to cross military training fields, which could have led to severe injuries.

A few hundred showed up outside of Area 51 protesting to see secrets the base is allegedly hiding. Only a handful of individuals attempted to enter the government base rumored to house proof of alien life. The rest of the attendees decided to throw a peaceful, yet weird, costume party instead!

Below are a few examples of the creative, interesting, and somewhat odd costumes found throughout the day and night of the event.

Here’s an “appealing” rendition of the aliens from the “Mars Attacks!” movie.

We’re not quite sure what this “tree man” is supposed to be, but it certainly stands out.

Government officials have surely breathed a sigh of relief to find only a few hundred at Area 51’s doorstep instead of the potential 3.5 million. Many of them simply went for the spectacle, and others purely for fun!

But, seriously… what IS behind the walls of Area 51? Do you know? If so, tell us!

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