Statue RETURNED — Cancel Culture Loses!

Lincoln Statue Returned as Cancel Culture Loses

Lincoln Statue Returned as Cancel Culture Loses

( – Nearly a decade ago, Cornell University prominently displayed a bust of President Abraham Lincoln as part of an exhibition commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. School officials scheduled the show for 57 days, starting on October 24, 2013. Inexplicably, the statue remained in the Carl A. Kroch Library until the summer of 2022, when school officials suddenly removed it after receiving an unspecified complaint. However, the bust has suddenly reappeared, scoring another big loss for cancel culture.

Cornell biology Professor Randy Wayne partnered with the Cornell Free Speech Alliance to spearhead a grassroots campaign to restore the bust. Working with alumni, faculty, students, and staff, the group submitted a report detailing their concerns to Elaine Westbrooks, the Kroch Library head.

Westbrook told The College Fix she “directed the cleaning and return to public exhibition” of Lincoln’s bust to the Uris Library, where the statue was originally displayed when Cornell acquired it in 1891 from its creator, Vinnie Ream.

Wayne told Fox News Digital Westbrook made good on that promise, and the bust reappeared. The professor said he considered the return of the statue to public display the “uncanceling [sic]” of “cancel culture,” proclaiming it a “real win” against individuals wanting to erase history at the nation’s universities.

As a side note, sculptor Vinnie Ream went on to become the first woman commissioned by the US government for a statue, a full-size marble statue of Lincoln displayed in the Capitol Building’s rotunda.

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