Stats Prove MSM Bias

Stats Prove MSM Bias

( – America already knows how much the mainstream media (MSM) hates Trump. We’ve seen the headlines against him relentlessly unfold every day for the past three years. Now, the concrete numbers prove that this is more than just a figment of our imagination.

According to a Media Research Center analysis of MSM’s coverage of the first 100 days since the House impeachment proceedings started, 93% of Trump coverage has been negative.

Here’s the breakdown of the runtime on major topics regarding Trump’s negative portrayal.

We already know the Liberal media lies, but 93% is still an astonishingly high number. It means that there’s virtually nothing that people can trust from the MSM when it comes to coverage of the president. Trump has an entire media industry out to get him, but he still provides results in spite of their virulent hatred.

The best we can do is carry on through 2020 and wait for the announcement of another four years under Trump.

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