States Reopening Despite Guideline Extensions

States Reopening Despite Guideline Extensions

( – Determining exactly when to re-open the economy is the million-dollar question in America. President Donald Trump has released his re-opening guidelines to help states answer that question, making a point of leaving the decision in the hands of the state governors. At the same time, Trump doesn’t completely agree with the decisions of some governors, like Georgia’s Brian Kemp.

In light of the nation’s situation, as the COVID-19 threat remains, Trump announced that he may extend social distancing guidelines into the summer.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence said that 16 states have released plans to ease up on their virus-related restrictions. According to MSNBC, he only confirmed that Missouri, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Idaho are on their way to loosening their COVID-19 measures. Trump may personally disagree with states like Georgia but wants to leave that decision in the states’ hands, not the federal government’s.


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