States Reopen: Back to Business as Usual?

States Reopen: Back to Business as Usual?

( – President Donald Trump has released multiple forms of guidance to help states reopen. At the same time, there are Democratic governors who are attempting to keep their states shut down indefinitely out of fear. Some of their orders are being challenged, others are starting to come around to meeting America’s needs, and some states are just now meeting reopening guidelines.

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) is now allowing the majority of counties to reopen barbershops and salons.

Newsom has been very hesitant to allow businesses to operate. He’s also running into lawsuits over his potential violation of the Constitution when it comes to keeping churches closed or heavily restricted.

Texas is now opening water parks at 25% capacity with mall food courts and driver education programs now resuming as normal. Food courts still need to have six feet between people sitting at different tables. Child care services and bars can now open.

Northern Virginia is just now meeting the two-week requirements for Phase 1 of the state’s “Forward Virginia” plan. Although, some counties are attempting to delay their state by another two-weeks. Most of the state had already entered Phase 1 as of May 15. Governor Ralph Northam will give updates twice per week.

Overall, things seem to be running smoothly as states are hard at work in returning to normal.

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