States Implement Contact Tracing

States Implement Contact Tracing

( – Contact tracing, a method of tracking COVID-19 using smartphones, is becoming more and more popular among governors. In fact, it’s becoming so “popular” it’s nearly obligatory. While it is one way to help gather information about the spread of the virus it comes with significant privacy risks.

The idea of Apple forcing users to download backend systems to work with contact tracing apps without consent is already bad enough. What makes the practice such a threat is how it’s been used for political gain in the past. Although some apps, like one being used in Rhode Island, seem to be implementing reasonable privacy safeguards, the risk is always there.

States are embracing more than contact tracing apps, too. New Jersey is hiring thousands of contact tracers only to be outmatched by New York’s additional 17,000. With our personal privacy under assault from other angles on top of smartphone tracking apps being pushed during this crisis, the private information of Americans is becoming less private all the time.


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