States Call For Hearings Into China Virus Role

States Call For Hearings Into China Virus Role

( – Eighteen state attorneys general have written to House and Senate party leaders, calling for hearings into China’s part in the coronavirus pandemic. The letter was initiated by South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, but was quickly supported by other states – and the federal government is also keen to see a proper investigation.

The letter lays out how China’s response to the Wuhan coronavirus has been marked by “layers of deceit,” starting with muzzling local health officials and pressuring the WHO to ignore reports from Taiwan. It also protests ongoing propaganda efforts, including gifts to US authorities, funding to universities and the spreading of disinformation about the US.

Wilson and the other AGs – all Republican, and mostly from Southern and Midwestern states rather than the Liberal coasts – call for a “deep” investigation with congressional oversight. With Missouri already suing China and other states considering their own lawsuits, there’s growing pressure for an official probe into why this global disaster was allowed to happen.


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