States Band Together Against Biden’s ESG Agenda

States Band Together Against Biden's ESG Agenda

( – When people think about the future and the money they are depending on for their retirement years, they have the right to expect those managing their funds to invest in the top-performing company, right? Apparently, that’s not the way President Joe Biden and the others on the Left see it — they are once again putting the Woke Progressive Agenda ahead of common sense.

Agenda First Investing

ESG investing stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance –– a set of checkboxes to determine whether or not a specific company is worthy of receiving one’s money. Some of the little boxes that might be ticked off in the decision-making process include:


  • Climate policies
  • Energy use
  • Treatment of animals


  • Donations to the local community
  • Encouraging employees to volunteer
  • Diversity, inclusion, and social justice policies


  • Diversity in selecting leadership
  • Stakeholder (employee/customer/community) concerns over profit-making
  • Gender diversity and equity (this is not equality)

The ESG agenda prioritizes a corporation’s adherence to its standards over protecting the monetary investments of the overall public. A group of governors that includes Ron DeSantis (Florida), Sarah Sanders (Arkansas), and Brian Kemp (Georgia), plus 16 other Conservatives, have agreed to work together to fight against the woke mob. This agenda was established in response to the Biden Administration, through the Department of Labor, creating a rule that put the ESG standard into place and then threatening to veto a resolution by the United States Congress that would “disapprove” that rule and negate it.

The group of governors has issued a joint policy statement calling out the administration, saying, “[y]et again, President Biden put his political agenda above the well-being and individual freedoms of hard-working Americans.” They vowed to protect taxpayers and retirees in their states by preventing the use of ESG for investing decisions at state and local levels and instead force investment firms to consider only financial factors.

They are also proactively banning the implementation of “Social Credit Scores” in consumer lending decisions such as credit card and home mortgages because there has been talk on the Left of implementing something along those lines. The idea would be similar to the 2014 moral ranking system put in place by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Lest anyone think that can’t happen in America, some see actions taken by PayPal and Facebook regarding “white supremacist” and “anti-government” speech and how they intend to deal with it as the first steps in that direction. Senator James Lankford (R-OK) has also sounded the alarm about the ESG rule put in place by Biden. He accused the Leftists of making it intentionally vague so that it can essentially blackmail any company into implementing its agenda.

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