State Level GOP Gains Could Lead to US House Control

State Level GOP Gains Could Lead to US House Control

( – With the November 3 election results still in dispute, another element has been thrown into the nation’s political turmoil; 2020 isn’t just an election year, it’s also a census year – and that could lead to a dramatic red surge in the House in 2022.

Strong Republican votes in state legislatures across the US, combined with a census-driven reallocation of House seats between states, look ready to wipe out the Democrats’ already-slim lead in the lower chamber.

Preliminary census data suggests that several (mostly blue) states will lose a representative, while five states will gain one and Texas will gain two. With Texas, Florida and North Carolina all GOP-controlled, that most likely means four new Republican-majority seats – and possibly as many as ten.

Three existing safe GOP seats may possibly be lost, but that’s still a net gain of seven – and after this month’s election, the Democrat majority in the House vanishes if just four seats flip. Nancy Pelosi seems determined to hang on as the House speaker, but come 2022 that might not be her decision anymore.

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