State Department Bans Funds for Anti-Semetic Groups

State Department Bans Funds for Anti-Semetic Groups

( – The country may be on pins and needles waiting for the official certification of the winner of the 2020 presidential election, but inside the Trump administration, things continue moving forwards like normal.

For instance, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced a new policy banning continued funding for any group or organization participating in global sanctions, divestment, or boycotts against the State of Israel. Moving forward, the State Department will consider any such actions to be anti-Semitic in nature.

Pompeo made the announcement on November 19, during a visit to Jerusalem with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by his side. The announcement had been expected for several weeks despite complaints from human rights groups who claimed the decision would politicize efforts to push back against anti-Semitism.

NPR News reported that the Trump administration’s Israel policy would likely have a long-lasting impact on the entire region — seems like they are right.

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