State Begs Residents to Let Immigrants Into Their Homes

( – The Biden administration’s open borders policy has forced a liberal governor to deal with a panoply of problems –- even though her state is a long way from Mexico. Massachusetts is facing a flood of immigrants and can’t find housing for them. Now, Governor Maura Healey (D) hopes the state’s residents can be persuaded to help.

Ultra-liberal Massachusetts is almost 1,800 miles from the US-Mexican border, but that isn’t far enough to save it from being swamped with illegal immigrants. The Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates there are currently 316,000 illegals in the state, plus another 110,000 of their US-born children. It’s a small state with a relatively high population density and is having real problems finding homes for so many extra people –- illegal immigration has added 6% to its population. Governor Healey is already spending taxpayers’ money renting up to 40 motels as emergency accommodation, but that’s nowhere near enough. Now she’s calling on residents to take illegal immigrants into their homes.

On July 17, Boston radio station WBUR reported that Healey is looking for state residents willing to take in immigrants. She wants people to provide a room or apartment to house “newly arrived families” for “a few days” until long-term accommodation can be found. Of course, there’s no guarantee that long-term accommodation can be found because Massachusetts has been pushed to this desperate measure because it’s run out of accommodation.

Healey has released a list of 28 towns and cities where illegals are being housed. Many critics have noted the towns that aren’t on the list, including all the exclusive Massachusetts communities popular with wealthy liberals who support open borders. If you have a home in Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket, you can keep calling for unlimited third-world immigration, safe in the knowledge that Healey isn’t going to force you to see any actual immigrants.

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