State Attorneys General Hit Biden Administration Hard

State Attorneys General Hit Biden Administration Hard

( – It wasn’t too long ago that Democratic state attorneys general were suing the Trump administration left and right. Now, the shoe is on the other foot, and GOP attorneys general are fighting back against the Democrat’s leftist agenda in Congress and the White House. Of course, the reasons behind the two party’s lawsuits couldn’t be any different.

When Democrats sued the Trump administration, it was because the administration loosened restrictions and regulations and offered more freedoms under conservative policies. In the case of GOP-led lawsuits against Biden, it’s because he’s restricting freedoms that harm the economy and limit personal liberties.

GOP Outpacing Democratic Lawsuits

In less than 100 days, Republicans stole from the Democratic playbook and are suing at a frantic pace. Already, the GOP attorneys general sued the Biden administration at least 19 times. There’s no evidence it’s going to slow down anytime soon as Biden continues to use executive orders and actions to fulfill the Left’s agenda.

According to a database of litigation created by Marquette professor Paul Nolette, Republicans are suing at a faster pace than Democrats did against Donald Trump. It makes sense. House Republicans are helpless to stop Democrats, and if the Senate Democrats continue to use reconciliation, they are defenseless there as well. The state attorneys general are the first and last lines of defense against the Left’s onslaught for the time being.

Checks and Balances Still Work

During the 2020 presidential campaign and into Joe Biden’s presidency, he regularly says he wants to be bipartisan but refuses to negotiate with Republicans on key issues. In his short presidency to date, the president signed more executive orders than any other president in modern US history, going back to Harry Truman. Biden issued 42 executive orders. The next closest was Donald Trump at 33 executive orders.

Lawsuits were filed over a myriad of issues. Immigration, the environment, and taxes are chief among them. In January, Republicans earned an early victory on the immigration front when the moratorium on deportations was overturned.

The only way to stop Biden’s agenda at this point is in the courts. When he oversteps his Constitutional authority, the GOP attorneys general will be there to challenge the president and ask the court to use its check and balance authority to protect America and the Constitution from the Left’s reckless plans.

Only time will tell if it works. However, in the face of the Left’s attack on America, it will have to do until conservative reinforcements come to Congress in 2022.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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