Stacey Abrams Becomes a Millionaire

Stacey Abrams Becomes a Millionaire

( – In 2018, Stacey Abrams told The New Yorker she spent most of her childhood as part of the “genteel poor.” Her mother worked as a librarian and her father as a dockworker. Years later, both became ministers, “guaranteeing that [the family] would be permanently poor,” according to Abrams. By her admission, she was more than $200,000 in debt in 2018 when she launched an unsuccessful bid as Georgia’s governor, losing to Republican Brian Kemp. However, recent filings show she’s reached millionaire status since then.

Financial disclosures filed by Abrams in March 2022, and recently reviewed by the Associated Press, showed Abrams currently has a net worth of about $3.17 million, compared to only $109,000 in 2018, leading many to wonder how much she may have profited from her time in politics. She served in Georgia’s House of Representatives for nearly 10 years, starting in January 2007, and ending with the launch of her first bid to win the governor’s seat.

Since 2019, Abrams has earned over $700,000 as the executive director of a project to improve economic equality in southern states. She also reported taking in $65,000 from stock she holds in a renewable energy tech company. Additionally, Abrams received roughly $6 million from 37 paid speeches she gave in 2021 and from 6 books she’s written, co-written, or re-issued in the last three years.

The November election could end up as a repeat of 2018 if Abrams and Kemp both win their party’s primaries. Who do you think would win in a rematch?

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