Splits Appear in AOC Team

Just when it needs to be united to stand any chance of beating President Trump in next year’s election, the Democratic Party has decided to tear itself apart. With most of its presidential candidates tracking hard to the left, and outspoken new congresswomen attacking the remaining moderates, there’s a civil war underway inside the American leftist party. For months now, senior Dems have been warning about the electoral consequences of this. Now even some of the radicals seem to be getting cold feet — including New York motormouth herself, AOC.


Last Wednesday, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) publicly distanced herself from her former chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti. AOC claimed she had a problem with Chakrabarti being “divisive,” despite the fact she’s built her own reputation on divisiveness.

  • On June 27, Chakrabarti tweeted that moderate Democrats were “hell-bent to do to black and brown people today what the old Southern Democrats did in the 40s.” The trigger for this rant was a bill on border funding that didn’t meet all the far-left demands on migrant children.
  • Chakrabarti was trying the old trick of accusing anyone who wants to stop illegal immigration of racism — when it isn’t the color of the migrant that matters, it’s the fact that they’re breaking the law. Unfortunately for him, the American people have learned to see through this tactic, and his tweet didn’t go down so well. It’s now been memory-holed.
  • This caused AOC to hold a meeting with her team in her D.C. office to discuss Chakrabarti’s future. It ended with him leaving her team to work with a nonprofit that’s pushing the so-called “Green New Deal.” The offending tweet was also deleted as a result of that meeting.
  • AOC stopped short of disagreeing with Chakrabarti’s politics, saying “I believe in criticizing stances, but I don’t believe in specifically targeting members.” — in other words, it’s OK to call fellow Democrats racist as long as you don’t do it to their face.
  • The truth is, Chakrabarti has become a potential embarrassment after the Federal Election Commission announced it was investigating him over funding violations committed during the 2018 midterms.
  • Chakrabarti had a seat on the board of one of AOC’s PACs — but she never reported her links with that PAC to the FEC. Now it looks like she’s trying to scatter the pieces as widely as she can to reduce the risk of the investigation ending up on her desk.
  • As well as the investigation and issues within her team, AOC continues to face criticism from mainstream Democrats appalled at the chaos she’s causing. Her economic ignorance and hard-line socialist policies are unelectable across most of the US, and her more senior colleagues know it. It looks like AOC herself is starting to realize that she needs to dial back on the extremism if she wants any future in politics.

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