SPLC Cut Off By Twitter

SPLC Cut Off By Twitter

A controversial left-wing “rights” group lost a big part of its social media street cred last week, when Twitter ejected it from its Trust and Safety Council. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has had an input into Twitter’s policies since at least last year — but now, even the notoriously liberal microblogging platform has had enough of their extremism. Some other companies are still doing business with them, but the SPLC’s vicious political agenda seems to have reached its high water mark.


Twitter had listed the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “safety partner” since June 2018. Along with Amazon, Google and Facebook, Twitter consulted the group for advice on how to police the platform for anything that might offend someone. Unfortunately for Twitter, in their rush to censor anything the Left could be upset about, they didn’t check their new partner’s background as carefully as they should have.

  • The SPLC was set up in Montgomery, Alabama in 1971, originally as a civil rights law firm. However, it quickly started to focus more on activism, choosing its cases for their political impact.
  • Early SPLC cases tended to take aim at white supremacist groups, mainly the KKK. That helped them build a reputation for going after hate groups — and, pretty soon, they started to use that reputation to push its own agenda. Their list of these groups, they were seen as the authority on the subject, which gave them a lot of influence.
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  • Over the last few years people have started to take a closer look at this list of “hate groups” — and it turns out that their net’s been scooping up a lot more than the KKK.
  • The SPLC list contains church organizations that seem to have been targeted simply for accepting what the Bible teaches about homosexuality. Legal experts have described its categorization methods as “incautious,” whatever that means!
  • The worst gaffe by the SPLC came in 2017 when they released a list of “anti-Muslim extremists.” One of the names on it was Maajid Nawaz — a moderate British Muslim. When Nawaz threatened to sue, the SPLC had to pay him $3.75 million to stay out of court.
  • Now it seems tech companies who’ve taken the SPLC at their word are starting to look again. If others follow Twitter’s lead, this poisonous organization will lose its influence over what we’re allowed to see — and say — on the internet.
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