911: Replace Auto Safety Flares with Non-Flammable LED DISCS ASAP

Flat tires, breakdowns, and accidents happen.

Roadside safety flares save lives slowing and diverting dangerous traffic after accidents.

Replace all old flammable auto safety flares with modern LED safety discs ASAP.

Roadside Safety Discs are the modern solution to ensure you’re always prepared for a roadside emergency.

Modern Roadside Safety Discs can be seen from over 5000 feet by oncoming motorists. Protect yourself and your family in all emergency situations, simply activate each light with a single click. The magnetic discs allows you to easily attach the discs to your car as well as the ground. They are waterproof and durable enough to withstand being run-over and while still continuing to shine!

Now passing drivers can see you up to 5,000 feet away and have plenty of time to give you plenty of space.

Modern Survival Editor Recommended: “An Inexpensive A+ Product Every Driver Needs”

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