Special Needs Children Were Invited to an Adult Drag Story Hour

Special Needs Children Were Invited to an Adult Drag Story Hour

(RightWing.org) – Americans started observing Gay Pride Month to commemorate a series of riots led by LGBT activists in New York City in 1969. In 1999, then-President Bill Clinton issued a proclamation declaring every June as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, and former President Barack Obama expanded it to include the entire LGTB community in 2011. However, a Colorado clinic recently pushed things a bit too far for some people after it invited special needs children to an adult drag story hour.

On May 16, the Seven Dimensions Behavioral Health clinic sent parents an email and accompanying permission slip advising that it was hosting a Drag Story Hour for its June “Make Up Saturday” event. The facility provides licensed applied behavior analysis to autistic children aged three to 18 on weekdays through the Colorado Department of Human Services.

The email said the event would include a mixture of “age-appropriate performances by [five] drag artists.” Additionally, kids would hear stories like “Auntie Uncle-Drag Queen Hero” and would participate in a “freeze dance” and a party featuring a “rainbow parachute.”

A concerned member of the community forwarded the email to Parents Defending Education (PDE), a grassroots organization working to “reclaim” the nation’s schools from “activists promoting harmful agendas.” On June 9, the PDE published an incident report detailing its investigation into the controversy.

The PDE confirmed that the Seven Dimensions clinic had a contract with the Jefferson County School District authorizing payments of up to $250,000 through the end of June for special education and other related services. The document didn’t indicate if the clinic received any taxpayer funds.

Additionally, the ABE reportedly obtained a flyer for the event. The group noted that the stage names of the participating drag queens were vulgar, including “Jacques Strapp” and Brennan Sexyback.” The flyer said that parents, caregivers, and siblings were welcome at the June 10 event called “Drag Show Hour: The Future is Our Kids.”

It remains unclear how many autistic children participated in the event. The drag show story hour reportedly took place on June 10.

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