Space Force Officer Makes Bizarre Claims about Troop Readiness

( – According to the Congressional Research Service (CRS), military readiness generally refers to “the ability of military forces to fight and meet the demands of assigned missions.” If there aren’t enough service members, it can put a country — and its national security — at risk. There are several factors that go into military readiness, but now one Space Force officer is introducing a new issue — one that has already been debunked.

Space Force Officer Makes Wild Claims

Lt. Gen. DeAnna M. Burt is the Deputy Chief of Space Operations for Space Force. According to her biography on the US Space Force site, she “has overall responsibility” over the new service branch’s missions, including nuclear, cyber, and sustainment. She has also been accused of making controversial — and seemingly false — statements regarding LGBTQ+ laws.

Back in June, at the Pentagon’s Pride event, she gave a scathing speech that addressed specific state laws, saying she can’t always pick the most qualified candidates for positions because some states have passed anti-abortion, anti-gay, and anti-trans laws that are purportedly barriers to placing women and LGBTQ+ members.

In striving to “match the right person to the right job,” Burt notes that she considers their history and experience first but also looks to place them in an area where they feel safe, and that has led her to feel “compelled to consider a different candidate,” one that might not be as qualified.

In her speech, Burt says that since January of 2023, lawmakers at the state level have introduced “more than 400 anti-LGBTQ+ laws,” a number that only continues to rise. Such actions, she notes, indicate a “trend that could be dangerous for service members, their families, and the readiness of the force as a whole.”

The Real Nature of the Laws

Burt doesn’t elaborate on the laws she is referring to, but the New York Post surmises she might be pointing to those that ban sex change operations for minors as well as states that have enacted strict abortion bans.

While there are abortion bans in several states, this doesn’t prevent women from traveling to other locations for the procedure, if necessary. Additionally, the laws banning sex change operations for minors wouldn’t apply to service members since they have to be 18 to enlist in the first place.

Her comments were met with a lot of scorn, including from presidential candidate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), who said he would “end this woke insanity on Day One.”

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