Space Force Architect Resigns With Horrifying Warning

Space Force Architect Resigns With Horrifying Warning

( – Ahead of D-Day, Supreme Commander Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower led the greatest military force on Earth. Yet, he warned his troops that they had an impossible task ahead of them, reminded them of how well trained the Germans were, and that they too were battle-hardened. His success as a general paved the way for his two-term post-war presidency from 1953 to 1961. In his farewell address to the nation, he warned about what would happen if the military’s political influence grew without any accountability.

On Monday, April 18, one of the nation’s top Pentagon officials resigned. In 2019, Preston Dunlap accepted the position as founding chief architect officer of the US Air Force and Space Force. The Trump administration created the position after announcing the creation of the nation’s fifth military branch: the Space Force. In a resignation letter posted on LinkedIn, Dunlap offered numerous horrifying warnings for the US military.

Dunlap Warns the Pentagon

During the Obama presidency, the United States continued the war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq. When President Donald Trump came into office in 2017, he said he learned that the military was depleted of supplies and ammunition and was growing outdated. Through Congress, he increased defense spending and founded the Space Force. Still, that may not have been enough to solve the problems America and the military could face in the near and distant future.

Dunlap warned the Pentagon not to lull itself into complacency when the military should be running on all cylinders. As he was writing the letter, Dunlap said the phone lines at the Pentagon were down and asked how that could happen in 2022. He referred to the US government as the world’s largest bureaucracy and rebuked it as a relic of another era. Dunlap noted that by the time the US military produces something, it’s obsolete.

If that’s not bad enough, the Pentagon leader said the politics of the day was miring the military in controversy and keeping it from fulfilling its mission. Dunlap warned the US military to stop distracting itself with the process, competing with each other instead of China, and defending our political turf instead of the country.

Politics at the Root of the Problem

When the Biden administration came into office in January 2021, it almost immediately reverted back to Obama administration policies. In 2016, the Washington Post exposed how the Obama-Biden administration used the military for social experiments. Some policies included hormone replacement therapies for transgender service members and open military service for transgender members of the military.

The Washington Examiner shared numerous was the Obama-Biden administration used social experiments on the military. The Army and Marine Corps lowered physical fitness standards so that women could pass tests to serve in special forces. The New York Post wrote that Obama intended to turn the military into social justice warriors. It said that the Navy named ships after Cesar Chavez, and the armed forces even created a program where the military ordered men to wear fake breasts and pregnant bellies so they could identify better with women.

Under Biden, the military now combats climate change and promotes transgender policies. How does that prepare the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Space Force to fight a war to protect the nation? Military leaders trained in liberal universities are going with the political flow and agenda of the Biden administration. Now, the Pentagon is adding racial equity (meaning equal outcomes) when nothing about the military is equal — it’s built on a hierarchical structure to win wars, not cultural battles.

Was this not in line with Eisenhower’s warning to the Pentagon and the military 60 years ago?

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