South Korean Media Says Biden Won’t Stand Up To North Korea

South Korean Media Says Biden Won't Stand Up To North Korea

( – Key US ally South Korea has warned that a Biden administration wouldn’t take a hard line with its unstable northern neighbor. President Trump combined hardball with an offer of diplomacy if the North reined in its aggression; South Koreans expect Biden to be weaker.

Biden allies are pointing to CNN talking head Antony Blinken as the leading candidate for secretary of state, and Blinken’s views on foreign relations don’t inspire a lot of confidence. Leaving aside his insults to the UK over Brexit – which risk alienating America’s closest ally – he’s advocated appeasing Turkish president Erdoğan’s increasingly lunatic behavior. It looks like Seoul is worried he plans to apply the same tactics to Kim Jong-un’s nuclear-armed regime.

In an early sign of his weak approach, Blinken has suggested reining in North Korea’s nuclear weapons program with a rehash of the failed Iran nuclear deal, which Biden supported as Obama’s vice president. President Trump withdrew from that deal in 2018 because Iran was still trying to build nuclear weapons. Why would anyone expect North Korea to be any more trustworthy?

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