“Sound of Freedom” Sparks New Backlash After Amazon Prime Premier

(RightWing.org) – The blockbuster crime thriller “Sound of Freedom” became a box office hit shortly after its 4th of July release. The film details the true story of a former government agent named Tim Ballard, who founded and led Operation Underground Railroad and rescued hundreds of children from Colombian sex traffickers.

However, the movie’s release sparked instant controversy within the mainstream media bubble. Critics claimed the film portrayed a dubious recounting of the facts and alluded to outstanding QAnon conspiracy theories.

Amazon’s recent decision to include the movie in its Prime selections sparked new backlash.

Amazon Premier of “Sound of Freedom” Sparks New Woke Tears

On December 27, Newsweek published an article discussing the resurgence of backlash that accompanied Amazon Prime’s streaming debut of “Sound of Freedom.” There’s little to add to the story outside of the initial liberal tears accompanying the film’s July premiere at the box office.

However, the controversy surrounding Amazon’s release of the film exploded on X/Twitter. Users aired familiar grievances and complained the movie was nothing more than two hours of glorifying conservative conspiracy theories.

Some users lashed out at Ballard, recounting previous allegations that he was tossed from the Mormon Church. Others targeted Eduardo Verástegui, the movie’s main producer, for recent remarks he made about gender identity and climate change. All-in-all, the backlash appears to be a recounting of familiar woke complaints containing nothing of substance.

On the flip side, several X users reported having a favorable impression of the movie. For instance, a user from the US wrote that “Sound of Freedom” approached the topic of child trafficking in a poignant and respectful manner. She also questioned “what the hell [was] wrong” with people complaining about the film’s release. Likewise, a Canadian user said the film’s producers did an outstanding job of presenting the reality of the trafficking of children.

Box Office Success Despite Woke Outrage

Despite all the outrage, “Sound of Freedom” scored big at the box office. It’s the 10th highest-grossing movie of 2023 in the United States and Canada, grossing more than $184 million domestically.

The film also earned nearly $64 million outside the US for a combined total of almost $240 million, making it one of the most successful indie films ever. Putting those figures in perspective, “Sound of Freedom” raked in more earnings than “The Flash” and the latest “Indiana Jones” and “Mission Impossible” flicks.

As of December 28, the true crime thriller holds the third highest position in the US on Flix Patrol’s real-time tracking of the TOP 10 Amazon Prime movies.

Amazon Prime members can stream the flick for free, and individuals who want to add the movie to their permanent collection can purchase the SD version for $14.99. The Hi-Definition release costs an additional five dollars.

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