Soros Group Backs Purchase of Latino Radio Stations

Soros Group Backs Purchase of Latino Radio Stations

George Soros’ Latest PURCHASES Reveals A Much Larger Plan

( – Left-wing investors have bought up multiple Spanish-language radio stations across the US. The deal gives them access to a third of the country’s Hispanic population. Worryingly, the money appears to be coming from ultra-liberal billionaire George Soros.

On June 3, the newly-formed Latino Media Group announced it had secured $80 million in funding to buy 18 radio stations across ten US cities. Those cities, which include Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, and New York, hold around one-third of Hispanic Americans. That gives the new group an enormous potential audience.

There’s a solid core of conservatism among Hispanic Americans, but the new media group is firmly left-wing. It was set up by former Obama staffer Stephanie Valencia, who will now lead the group and Democratic activist Jess Rocketto. The funding to buy the stations was raised by a consortium led by Lakestar Finance — which is affiliated with Soros Fund Management.

Republicans quickly pushed back against the Soros plan. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has already released a series of Spanish-language radio ads warning Hispanic Americans that “The left is taking control of our local media.” Spanish speakers in Florida, especially Miami, are a mainstay of GOP support in the state. Now, Soros is attempting to challenge that support — and DeSantis is trying to cut him off at the pass.

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